Monday, February 1, 2010

The 5 Coolest Places to Work

By Matt Valentine

Employment in and of itself is a tough thing to come by these days, so dreaming of working at a place that you don't dread going to every morning (count me among the lucky few) may be far fetched. With that said I still thought it would be a fun post to a countdown to the " 5 Coolest Places to Work" so keep checking back for the complete list and please feel free to add some of your own or comment on those I may have overlooked.

Yes, it’s an obvious move to put Google on this list, but any “coolest places to work ” list would be incomplete without Google on it.

Corporate Culture- 

Google’s corporate culture has played a large role in the company’s tremendous growth. Though one of the biggest and most successful corporations in the world Google disdains the hierarchical order of most large corporations and substitutes it with smaller creative teams which are highly flexible and highly motivated.

Google fosters an environment of innovation and creativity by encouraging every employee to share their ideas no matter their department or position.


The perks of working for Google are almost too numerous to list and are one of the main reasons the company received about 777,000 applications last year alone. So here are some of the “cooler” perks Google offers its employees. 

  •  Free Gourmet meals. Forget about paying for some Mickey D’s during lunch break, Googlers enjoy free gourmet cooking in one of 11 cafeterias. Yea we’re all jealous.
  • Pool tables, a lap pool, a climbing wall, foosball, videogames,  ping pong and roller hockey twice a week in the parking lot are just some of the activities available to the company’s employees.
  •  Relaxed Atmosphere:  Take a nap in one of the company's  sleeping pods, or attend a TGIF party, relax in one of many massage chairs, or use scooters and segways to get around. Hate your job yet? 


Laziness prevents me from detailing Google’s benefits package, but fortunately they have already done it for me! So if you’re interested to see just how sweet the Google benefits package is follow this link

Physical Workspace-

While all of the aforementioned attributes make Google a cool place to work, the actual physical workplace known as the Googleplex may be the one thing that makes Google such an attractive job.
Located in Mountain View California  (there are also offices in Bangalore, New York City and Irvine, Calif. Among others) the company has successfully maintained the feel of a college campus environment, hearkening back to its origins at Stanford University.

Pictures do more justice then my words can.

Be sure to check back for the next addition to the list!

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