Wednesday, February 3, 2010

5 Coolest Places to Work- #3

The Wonderfactory 

Corporate Culture- 

The Wonderfactory is another company that prides itself on collaboration from employees on all levels.Among other things the company specializes in web development, design, brand creation and something they refer to as idea labs.  All you need to know about the company's culture can be found on their website (which is incredibly well designed I might add) but in case you are too lazy I'll list some of the cooler things for you.

On their top 15 reasons to work at The Wonderfactory (which can be found here)  reason #3 is "You won't have to work your ass off, although you may choose to do so".

Reason #9 is, "Everyone, in all departments, is hired and valued for their creativity". That's a very brief overview, but if you want to know more definetely look at their site,  they do a much better job explaining it then I can.


  • A fully stocked kitchen. 
  • Xbox, Wii, Apple TV are all available anytime an employee needs to relax. 
  • A swimming pool, with free swimming lessons. 
The Wonderfactory boasts one of the best benefits package you will find at any company including: 
Physical Workspace-
The single coolest reason to work at The Wonderfactory has to be their incredibly unique and awesome office. Located on 28 West 25th St, in NY,NY  the Wonderfactory's view of the Empire State Building alone would be a cool enough perk, but this office is like nothing you've ever seen...unless you work there, in which case you're lucky and I don't like you.

There is a secret entryway, cool employee created wall murals  and my personal favorite a room called "hell", so anyone can tell anyone else to go to hell and the other person is ok with it. Once again to get a better idea of what I am talking follow the link 

Guess what room this is...

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