Monday, January 9, 2012

KDF Announces Latest Expansion with CNC Routing

KDF has expanded with the addition of the Multicam CNC 3000 series router to its Large Format Division.
This versatile, heavy-duty CNC router enables KDF to precisely cut typical signage and display substrates such as sintra, gatorboard, acrylic and plastic as well as many types of metal and wood. The CNC router has the ability to cut standard to very complex 2D and 3D shapes up to 4'x8'.
The CNC router now gives KDF the ability to produce virtually every component of a project completely in-house. This new machine, along with the use of the Oce' Arizona 350 XT- Flatbed Printer, will allow KDF to control both the lead time and the quality of printing for critical client projects. The CNC router affords KDF unlimited creative control in both the development and production stage of a project.
Recent projects have included retail store signage, custom prototype displays for major retailers, aluminum parts for manufacturers and one-of-a-kind custom plaques.
"There is really nothing we cannot do and it's very exciting. This was truly a natural progression for KDF. We can now offer our clients a wide range of services from simple routing of graphics to prototype development and full production runs of retail displays," says Stephen Hoey, President of KDF.