Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The 5 Coolest Places to Work (Cont.)

Corporate Culture-
Zappos has a very unique corporate culture that consists of ten “commandments”
The company is so set on employing only those who will adhere to these values that after going through the Zappos training program new employees are offered $2,000, plus time worked, to quit. The belief is that anyone who does not match the Zappos culture will take the money and run, which will ultimately save the company time and money.

CEO Tony Hsieh makes a conscious commitment to understanding what makes people happy and utilizing that understanding to improve relationships with employees and customers.

Oh, did I mention that managers are required to spend 10 to 20% of their time goofing off with the people they manage. And that one of the standard interview questions is, “How weird are you on a scale of 1-10”.

The company is focused on creating an environment of "fun and a little weirdness".

  • Free lunch. Not quite on par with what Google offers, but still a very nice selection of free meals to be had in the Zappos cafeteria.
  • A library of self-help and personal development books that employees, and visitors are free to browse and take home with them.
  • Nap rooms. Zappos provides nap rooms because studies show that a 20 minutes nap after lunch helps boost productivity.
  • Dr. Vik or coach as he is known to Zappos employees was once a real doctor with a successful chiropractic practice. At age 45 he left his practice to join Zappos where he has become a mentor, counselor, cheerleader, and motivational speaker to all the Zappos employees.

Zappos.com offers an extensive benefits package for all full time employees including medical, dental, vision, and 401k.

Physical Workspace-
Located in Henderson Nevada, the Zappos headquarters isn’t Googleplex, but it does have a charm all its own. Employees are encouraged to spruce up their personal spaces and there's even a VIP room where visitors to the facility can sit on a throne. Office pranks are also a staple of the Zappos workplace.

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