Friday, October 15, 2010

Luxury Vehicle Wraps - Escalade Wrap, Hummer Wrap, Limo Wrap, Sports Car Wrap

Vehicle wraps are the latest innovation to rock the vehicle graphics industry in recent years. When it comes to advertising and branding your business, or simply adding a unique touch to a personal vehicle, wrapping allows for maximum impact and creativity with a surprisingly reasonable price tag.
However, businesses and car owners are often wary of having luxury vehicles wrapped.
"I recently heard someone in the industry refer to vehicle wraps as 'tattoos for your car'," says Stephen Hoey, President of KDF, a leading provider of vehicle graphics and signage to the New York/New Jersey area. "That makes the process sound scarring, irreversible . . . even potentially damaging. No wonder owners of high-end vehicles shy away from the idea."
The truth of the matter is that the wrapping process is safe for any kind of vehicle, whether it's a truck or a tractor trailer; an Escalade, Hummer, limousine or sports car. 
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Las Vegas Vehicle Wraps said...

Vehicle advertising has long been recognised by savvy businesses as an extremely cost effective form of advertising.

christopher1 said...

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