Tuesday, October 5, 2010

KDF Supports the Naked Cowboy for President


KDF is proud to be creating all of The Naked Cowboy's campaign print media for the 2012 presidential election. After more than 12 years of strutting through Times Square sporting nothing but his signature cowboy hat, guitar, and white briefs, the living legend and NYC icon, Naked Cowboy, has set his sights on the Oval Office.
The Naked Cowboy used KDF's print media expertise back in 2009 during his campaign for Mayor of New York City, and again when a line of Naked Cowboy Oysters was introduced by Blue Island Shellfish Farms. After Naked Cowboy decided to run for President, it made perfect sense to have KDF be his exclusive print media provider.
We're pretty sure a naked person of any vocation has never held public office before, much less a Naked Cowboy...so this could be history in the making!
KDF used this body of knowledge to create a custom backdrop and podium for The Naked Cowboy's official announcement of his presidential aspirations which will take place in Times Square tomorrow, Wednesday October 6th, 2010.
Visit NakedCowboy.com for campaign information and more.

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