Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The 5 Best Ways to Advertise on a Budget

 Google AdWords-

For many small and medium sized businesses Google AdWords has been the ultimate game changer. It allows these companies to compete head on with large corporations for the same keywords. In essence if you are able to write an effective ad that is keyword relevant to your home page you can beat any company targeting those same keywords.

With AdWords you are truly in the driver’s seat. You set your budget, you choose your keywords, you design the ad, and you determine where and to whom that ad appears.

Best of all you only pay for results. If your ad doesn’t get clicked, you don’t pay. It does not matter how many computer screens your ad appears on, or how many impressions it makes, those are all yours free of charge.

For more information on Google AdWords follow the link http://bit.ly/9bhqHB

Social Networking-

You may not like them for personal use, but there is no denying that social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can be very powerful tools for your business.

Twitter and Facebook allow you to connect with clients and customers on a more personal level and if utilized properly can be very effective promotional tools.

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to connect with leaders in your industry, join groups of like-minded individuals, or reconnect with old friends and colleagues.

With the introduction of Google Social Search, Social Networking Sites impact will continue to grow.

And as an added bonus they are free and as everyone knows free is awesome.

Create a Company Website/ Blog

Establishing a strong online presence is easier today then it ever has been and is also essential if you want your business to be a success.

There are many obvious reasons why you should have a website, but mainly it affords you the opportunity to expose your products or services to a larger customer base.

In today’s world most people understand that a website is an essential tool for their business, but some forget that establishing a company blog can be just as essential.

Blogs can help to increase traffic to your website, can position you as an expert in your industry, and afford greater visibility in search engines. All things which can help your business profit.

Outdoor Advertising

For a fraction of the cost of most “traditional methods” of advertising you can get some innovative, well designed, outdoor advertising that provides great ROI.

Vinyl banners, vehicle wraps, and signage are a really effective and cost friendly method to spread the word about your business, or advertise new services and products.

While not a method of advertising for those on a "shoe string" budget, vehicle wrap advertising in particular has been statistically proven to be one of the most effective methods of advertising that currently exists. 


Another great way to spread the word about your business is by posting a free advertisement on Craigslist or similar sites. 

These postings if written with search engines in mind by targeting the correct keywords will be highly visible to those looking for your particular service or product and of course once again its totally free! 

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