Friday, March 26, 2010

5 Best Business Articles of the Week (March 22-26)

As a new feature on the KDF Blog each Friday we'll be posting some of the best articles, blogs, or other business related content from around the web. Please enjoy and make sure you check these out,  there is some really helpful information below! 

1.) Is Your Office Ready to Go Virtual?

Great article which details the advantages of having a remote working policy for small businesses. 

Thinking about launching a product online? This interview with Peter Shankman CEO of The Geek Factory and Founder of HARO is a must read. 

Social Media plays an increasingly important role for businesses of all sizes. If you're struggling to develop a strategy for your Facebook page check out this article, it offers some great tips. 

The title really explains it all, but there are some excellent ideas spread throughout the article on how you can use some of the important dates and holidays during the month of April to promote your business. 

Once again the title is pretty self explanatory. However, if you need to make a presentation anytime soon this could makes things a little more interesting, 

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